Latest Manuals
Kia Sedona / Carnival
Kia Sedona / Carnival KV-II / KV2 1998 - 2006

Kia Sedona / Carnival Chassis Code KV-II / KV2 Factory Workshop Service Manual

Factory Service Manual and Workshop Manual for the first generation Kia Sedona, also known as the Carnival. Covers all aspects of vehicle servicing, repair and overhaul. A complete shop manual for this vehicle.

Kia Sportage
Kia Sportage JA 1993 - 2004

Kia Sportage Chassis Code JA Factory Owners / Workshop and Electrical Service Manuals

Complete factory service manuals for the Kia Sportage JA Chassis Series. For vehicles built between 1993 and 2004. Contains Workshop, Body, Electrical and Owners Manuals, complete information for repairing any aspect of the vehicle.

Subaru Liberty / Legacy
Subaru Liberty / Legacy BE / BH / BT 1998 - 2004

Subaru Legacy / Liberty Chassis Code BE / BH / BT Factory Service Manual / Workshop Manuals

Factory service manuals suitable for the BE, BH and BT Chassis Coded Subaru Legacy / Liberty Models, built between 1998 and 2004. Complete service, repair, maintenance and overhaul information, also includes wiring diagrams and other important and detailed information.

Subaru Liberty / Legacy
Subaru Liberty / Legacy BD / BG / BK 1993 - 1999

Subaru Legacy / Liberty Factory Service / Workshop Manuals

Factory Service Manuals and Workshop Manual for Subaru Legacy (also known as the Liberty) models built between 1995 and 1999. Covers chassis code series BC, BJ and BF.